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Who can register a marriage?

Registration of marriage is done only by the Marriage Officer.

When should they register?

Marriage Officers are required to register a marriage immediately after it is solemnised.

Where should they register?

All marriages must be registered at the Civil Registry Department in Kingstown.

What document is needed to register a marriage?

A fully completed duplicate original marriage record. The information to be included in the marriage record are as follows.

  • Place of marriage
  • Date of marriage
  • Name and Surname of the husband
  • Name and Maiden Name of the wife
  • Age of the husband

  • Age of the wife
  • Marital status of husband and wife
  • Addresses of husband and wife - present addresses (foreign addresses are not allowed)
  • Occupation of husband
  • Occupation of wife
  • Name and occupation of husband’s father
  • Name and occupation of wife’s father
  • Signatures of husband and wife
  • Signatures of witnesses
  • Signature of Marriage Officer or Magistrate.

What if there is a mistake on the marriage duplicate?

The marriage Officer has one year to correct the mistake free of cost. After one year the correction must be done through the Attorney Generals' Department or by an Attorney at Law.

What if the Marriage Officer doesn't register the marriage?

A late registration has to be done by an Attorney at Law.


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