Any form of physical, sexual , verbal or emotional abuse which takes place within the context of a close relationship.  In most cases, the relationship will be between partners, (marital, cohabiting or otherwise) or ex-partners, i.e. ex-wife, ex-husband, siblings etc.

Based on the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines experience the term Domestic Violence should be understood to mean-:

Any act of violence taking place publicly or privately between current or former partners.  In addition, violent acts committed against the mental or physically challenged, the elderly, and children or among siblings should be deemed to be Domestic Violence.  This violence may include physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or financial abuse; neglect or abandonment.

In cases of Domestic Violence, persons who qualify pursuant to 5.5 can make application to the court under the Domestic Violence Act a person may apply for a Protection Order under this Act.


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