The Court’s social support system staff are the Counsellors and Probation Officers.  The family is the basic unit of society.  It is the foundation upon which our nation is built, therefore the Family Court recommends counselling for litigants where necessary.  Parties may be referred to the Family Court Counsellor or to a Probation Officer at the Family Services Dept. or to Marion House.  In cases of domestic violence the Applicants are interviewed by the Counsellors.  Matters may not necessarily reach the Court as the Applicant may only be seeking assistance with counselling and may agree to have counselling.


The social support staff also:

  • deals with juveniles who are placed on probation by the Court.  The staff provides  counselling and follow-up care.
  • provides counselling for litigants if ordered by the Court or clients who are  referred by other agencies or who may walk in to seek counselling.
  • deals with juvenile on probation, juvenile counselling, follow up, etc.
  • deals with all applications for domestic violence, or in cases of child abuse.


In cases of custody or maintenance matters, the Court may also recommend mediation where the counsellor or a neutral party can facilitate a discussion between the parties to help them reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.  Mediation can take place at various points in the court process and can be used in a variety of different cases.


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