A new initiative aimed at more accurate and efficient registering of births here in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been implemented by the Registry Department.


An official from the Registrar’s Chambers was assigned to the  Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown from Monday 14th January to register the births of new-born infants.


Deputy Registrar at the High Court Office, Lekeicha Caesar-Toney, said that the "Bed-Side Registration Initiative" was implemented to  remedy the discrepancies which resulted from the old process.

Mrs. Caesar-Toney said that in order to ensure the smooth flow of the registration process at the Hospital, expectant mothers are being urged to take along the necessary documents when they are admitted to deliver a baby.

She said that this new system is a more efficient one, as it eliminates several steps that have previously caused incorrect details to be recorded.

In cases where babies are born at clinics and at home, the mother must visit the Registry Department in Kingstown to register the baby.

Source: NBC Radio


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